Highly flexible couplings for high pressure cleaning with water

published on Wednesday, 20 July 2016. Posted in Press

Highly flexible couplings for high pressure cleaning with water


Water is the most environmentally friendly cleaner you can find. A high pressure water jet, when precisely directed against a surface, is a perfect tool for industrial maintenance operations. Typical industrial applications for high pressure cleaning units include the internal and external cleaning of different types of containers, equipment and surfaces, and the cleaning of pipes, ducts, heat exchangers, ship sides and runways. The engine of a high pressure cleaning unit is usually connected to a plunger pump. It is for these applications that Reich-Kupplungen offers the right coupling solution.

The opposite figure shows a mobile industrial high pressure cleaning unit. A 180 kW diesel engine running at 1880 rpm is directly connected to a 1000 bar high pressure pump via a highly flexible ARCUSAFLEX coupling. The different sizes of the ARCUSAFLEX flange coupling series cover a torque range from 200 to 110000 Nm (corresponding to up to approx. 6500 kW at 1000 rpm). The element versions are available in different torsional stiffnesses and allow for adjustment to the most favourable torsional vibration situation. The flange connection dimensions of ARCUSAFLEX couplings basically comply with the SAE J 620 or the DIN 6281 standard. Alternative flange dimensions and lengths can be supplied upon request.

When a highly flexible coupling is employed in a drive train, the resonance frequencies are usually shifted to outside the operating speed range. Critical torsional vibrations and torque shocks - not only generated by the engine but also by the pump - are dampened at the same time. The optimized design of highly flexible Reich couplings which takes into account both the excitations from the engine and from the pump, increases the service life of all power transmission components, thus lowering the total cost of ownership. The respective torsional vibration calculations are performed as a service by Reich-Kupplungen for high pressure pumps, screw and piston compressors, and all combustion engine drives.

For more than 70 years, Reich-Kupplungen has been one of the companies who are highly specialized in power transmission technology. Everything has been revolving around rubber technology, elastomers, and bonding with all types of metals right from the start. Development and production have been performed in-house since the early years so that high competence in the design and manufacture of couplings is ensured for the respective power transmission application.

Reich-Kupplungen, as a manufacturer of highly flexible power transmission elements who is running its own in-house rubber production facility, is a global supplier to various industries. Customer-specific solutions can furthermore be developed, and prototypes manufactured, in line with the D2C (Designed to Customer) principle.

Authors: Ulrich Bentele/Marzena Serrien/10.07.16


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