Powerful - FD-HS (High-Speed)

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Powerful - FD-HS (High-Speed)

The FD-HS (High-Speed) coupling is a disc pack coupling that was launched at the Automotive Testing Expo 2019 in Stuttgart. Compared to conventional disc pack couplings, the FD‑HS is Lighter in weight and designed for higher rotational speeds, the design also has a smaller outside diameter with shorter mounting lengths. Using high grade fitted bolts enables a backlash-free torque transmission through the disc packs that are made of corrosion-resistant, stainless spring steel. The disc packs are alternately bolted on the same pitch circle to the input and output flanges, these compensate for misalignments between the components to be connected.

FD HS S4 REICH Kupplungen webThe misalignment capability is dependent on the thickness of the disc pack, the size of the coupling or disc pack and the number of the bolts while the configuration of the disc pack determines the torque capacity.

With their ability to compensate for axial and angular misalignments, It is designed with two elements and spacer that also allows  a radial misalignment capability, the thermal growth of the engine shafts is compensated for by the use of the flexible disc packs.

The disc packs are positively connected to the coupling flanges so that an ideal, inherent balancing quality is ensured. Our FD-HS couplings are typically balanced to run at maximum rotational speed in compliance with the DIN ISO 21940 standard. Alternatively, we are also able to supply these couplings according to the requirements of the ATEX directive and the API 671 standard.

The FD-HS series finds its applications in high-performance and high-speed systems. The coupling shape may vary according to the application and the functions of the associated equipment or machinery. Complete application details are required to enable us to calculate and select the correct  coupling shape. We have multiple specific designs that can be used. For use with  test benches this coupling is often used in combination with torque measuring flanges.

FD-HS couplings are extremely robust and fulfill the most versatile requirements encountered within a variety of rotary drive trains. When correctly aligned, the coupling is wear- and maintenance-free and offers a virtually unlimited life span.



Benefit for the Customer

Torsionally rigid and backlash-free torque transmission

Accurate measuring results

Directly adaptable to torque transducers

Less components required (cost reduction)

Compensates for axial, radial and angular misalignments

Helps to ease assembly

Suited for very high rotational speeds

(up to 33,000 rpm)

Wide area of application

Low mass moment of inertia, high power density

Energy efficiency

Low reaction forces in case of shaft misalignment

Less load, longer service lives

Wear- and maintenance-free

Long life span, low life cycle costs


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Image source: REICH-Kupplungen, various construction shapes


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