Couplings in Test Bench Engineering

published on Thursday, 10 April 2014. Posted in Press

Couplings in Test Bench Engineering - Demanding Couplings from a Modular Design Kit for Test Benches

Trust is good, control is better: This ancient saying fits especially well to the sense and purpose of test benches - because their effective-ness stands and falls with the us of optimized couplings which are required to master even multiple days of continuous running under the most arduous operating conditions without causing any problems. The...

Reich Kupplungen on-site around the globe

published on Tuesday, 04 March 2014. Posted in Press

Reich Kupplungen on-site around the globe - Reich Kupplungen establishes additional subsidiaries

Reich Kupplungen on-site around the globe

The German manufacturer of highly flexible couplings invests in new subsidiaries in India and South Korea. The Dipl.-Ing. Herwarth Reich GmbH started to operate its own on-site subsidiaries for customers in India and South Korea on 01.01.2014. The sales and service company for India is located in Pune, and the company for Korea in Suwon.

So far, customers from India and South Korea...

KGV Coupling – dampening and compact!

published on Friday, 11 October 2013. Posted in Press

KGV Coupling – dampening and compact! - Reich Kupplungen presents their newest couplings constructions

KGV Coupling – dampening and compact!


Reich Kupplungen present its most recent coupling designs for the power transmission. New projects could be realized for the manufacturing and power transmission sector. Several special designs of the TOK and AC-VSK couplings had already been on show at the Hanover Fair and bauma 2013.

In the area of flexible cardan shaft...

Investment for the environment

published on Wednesday, 14 August 2013. Posted in Press

Investment for the environment

In future, the rainwater from all roof and floor surfaces, all sealed surfaces, no longer discharged into the municipal channel and thus to the treatment plant, but cleaned and the Bochum waters, here the neighboring Grummer stream fed. The company invested 350 000 euros in their new facility.

The company picked up the idea....

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