Series production for Russian diesel locomotive

published on Monday, 19 November 2018. Posted in Press

Series production for Russian diesel locomotive


Reich-Kupplungen supplies 160 highly flexible Arcusaflex flange couplings each year for the production of the ТЭМ14 Russian diesel locomotive series.

Drive components for demanding railway technology

Series production for Russian diesel locomotive

The company Reich-Kupplungen is supplying the Arcusaflex coupling to the manufacturer of the ТЭМ14 diesel locomotive in stages. The highly flexible, axially pluggable flange coupling acts as a connection between the engine and the driven machine. Each engine unit consists of two independently working aggregates, each with an 8-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine and traction generator. 160 couplings therefore come together each year for the planned production of 80 locomotives.


Assigning the series supply to the Bochum-based coupling specialists demonstrates great confidence in the drive components. One advantage of the Arcusaflex, for example, is the highly flexible transmission element that is installed by means of plug-in assembly. It consists of a disc-shaped rubber body with torque-to-bore volume ratio. This dampens torsional vibrations to a large extent and enables the compensation of misalignments at operating temperatures up to 80 ºC. Thanks to functions and advantages like these, Reich-Kupplungen has been able to successfully prevail with its coupling over the manufacturer of the product previously used.

Flexible use in a temperate climate

The high performance of 2,400 hp qualifies the ТЭМ14 locomotive series to be used for shunting services, the transport of heavy goods as well as for mainline services on railways with a track width of 1,520 mm. The ТЭМ14 is used in regions with a temperate climate. It generally operates without any problems at outdoor temperatures of –50 °C to +40 °C.

Technical data – ТЭМ14 diesel locomotive: 


  • Year of manufacture: since 2011

  • Track width: 1,520 mm

  • Length: 21,500 mm

  • Height: 5,290 mm

  • Width: 3,280 mm

  • Service weight: 200 t

  • Friction load: 200 t

  • Wheel set load: 25 t

  • Maximum speed: 100 km/h

  • Installed power: 2 x 1,200 hp

  • Wheel diameter: 1,050 mm

  • Engine type: eight-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine

  • Power transmission: diesel-electric with mixed power

  • Tank capacity: 6,000 l 

About Reich-Kupplungen 

The international company Reich-Kupplungen with is headquarters in Bochum is a highly specialised manufacturer of drive components. It focuses on the development and production of torsionally flexible or torsionally rigid coupling series with great production depth. This is done in-house, ensuring that a high level of competence in the design and production of couplings for the respective drive is available.


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