Torsionally flexible pin-type coupling: ELBO

published on Friday, 21 June 2019. Posted in Press

Torsionally flexible pin-type coupling: ELBO


The ELBO is a robust flexible pin-type coupling and ideal for safety- relevant applications in large-scale machinery, such as conveyor systems, elevator drives, cable cars, cranes, mills, crushers, compressors, screw pumps and packaging systems. The coupling has a fail-safe design and works reliably at nominal torques ranging from 140 kNm to 1300 kNm.

The elastomer elements reduce vibrations, dampen impact loads and compensate for misalignments and displacements; they can compensate for shaft displacements up to 1.5 mm radially and for angle up to 0.09°. The special design of the elastomer elements, vulcanised onto the inner sleeve and outer ring, in combination with the slide bearing allow for axial float with very low restoring forces. The maintenance-friendly coupling elements can be replaced without moving the coupled machine parts. The coupling element is made of natural rubber and is available in different shore hardnesses depending on the application. The standard version of the coupling is designed with thin flange discs and a shaft-hub connection with a parallel key. Alternative types are also available, such as internally or externally clamping shrink disc connections.

Reich-KUPPLUNGEN also produces many customer-specific solutions in accordance with the “D2C” designed to customer principle. The modular design of the ELBO enables a simple and cost-effective adaptation of the standard coupling to the respective application. The components are adapted accordingly and produced with great precision in accordance with the strict quality standards.

Special features of the ELBO series:

  • Compensation for axial, radial and angular misalignments
  • Low axial restoring forces due to the slide bearing
  • Fail-safe
  • Maintenance-free
  • Modular type
  • Ease of assembly thanks to the plug-in axial design

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