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REICH Tok Elaaufgmot TOK Highly flexible couplings for flexibly mounted engines. Simply Powerful.


Highly Flexible Couplings for Flexibly Mounted Engines.

The highly flexible TOK coupling has been specially designed for applications requiring extremely low torsional stiffness. Furthermore it is particularly well suited to the compensation of axial and radial displacements of flexibly mounted engines.



Direct connection to SAE J 620, adaptation to other flywheels on request
Compensation of axial, radial and angular displacements
Variable mounting lengths
Backlash-free and maintenance-free
Increased torque transmission capacity by the use of 2 elements
Suited for highest speeds
Optionally light weights by the use of high-strength aluminium

Standard types

Designed to Customer

  • Couplings individually developed according to customer requirements
  • Effective and efficient customer solutions through largely modular components
  • Close cooperation with our partners: consulting, development, design, manufacturing, integration
  • Customer-specific production and logistics concepts, as well as after-sales service
  • Global availability
  • For standard products as well as for production in small batch sizes.

Type D2C “Your design”


Tailor-made couplings

Industry-specific requirements - tailored solutions.
  • REICH-Kupplungen-kompressor Schrauben


-40 °C to 80 °C
1500 Nm to 86000 Nm
Highly Flexible Couplings for Flexibly Mounted Engines

We are glad to see that you are interested in our product line and are happy to answer all questions. Use our contact form or simply call: +49 (0)234 959160.

The highly flexible TOK coupling has been specially designed for applications requiring extremely low torsional stiffness. Furthermore it is particularly well suited to the compensation of axial and radial displacements of flexibly mounted engines. The wide range of flexible coupling elements and adaptive designs provides standard solutions for a wide variety of different tasks. These can be complemented by specific customised designs on request.

The flexible element is designed to combine high torque transmission capacity and high displacement capacity with high speed capability. Its stiffness can be adapted to requirements by selecting different rubber qualities. The adaptive designs are based on the standard flywheel adapter dimensions according to SAE J 620. The TOK coupling series comprises coupling sizes for a torque range from 1 500 Nm up to 86 000 Nm.

The extremely low torsional stiffness allows for a safe and over critical layout of the coupling. During start and stop operations, the resonance range is passed through quickly, and excellent decoupling between the combustion engine and the driven machine is achieved over the entire operating speed range.

The TOK coupling enables direct connection between the engine and the driven machine and is capable of compensating for misalignments resulting from the flexible mounting without requiring any additional components. Most versions even allow for radial disassembly. Restoring forces remain within the permissible limits despite good displacement capability, with a significant reduction in assembly effort and smooth running of the drive (noise reduction).


The technical data applies only to the complete coupling or the corresponding coupling elements. It is the customer’s/user’s responsibility to ensure there are no inadmissible loads acting on any of the components. In particular, existing connections, e.g. bolted connections, must be checked with regard to the torques to be transmitted. If necessary, further measures, such as additional reinforcement with pins, may be necessary It is the customer’s/ user’s responsibility to make sure the dimensioning of the shaft and keyed or other connection, e.g. shrinking or clamping connection, is correct. All components that can rust are protected against corrosion as standard.

REICH have an extensive range of couplings and coupling systems to cover nearly every drive configuration. Customized solutions can be developed and manufactured even in small batches or as prototypes. In addition calculation programs are available for all necessary dimensioning.


Further information

Do you require further product information, operating or assembly instructions, do you have questions for the sales department or would you like general product advice? Contact us directly - the REICH team will be happy to assist you and will be at your disposal for all your requests.

You can reach us by phone, from Monday to Friday 07:30 to 16:00, by phone +49 (0)234 959160, by e-mail to or via the contact form. If you would like to convince yourself personally of the quality of our products, we are pleased to welcome you to our main plant in Bochum.

REICH, the REICH subsidiaries and sales partners are regularly represented at national and international trade fairs. Take advantage of the opportunity to have a personal conversation with our experts. Get a live impression of the innovative REICH-products as well as of our company and its services.

Our exhibition teams look forward to your visit!

Upcoming trade fair dates:

Automotive Testing Expo China
13 December 2021 to 15 December 2021
Advanced Engineering
3 November 2021 to 4 November 2021
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TOK Product catalogue
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