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Barrel couplings

The barrel coupling consists of a sleeve provided with semicircular toothing around its internal diameter and a hub that is externally toothed in a similar way. A series of cylindrical barrels, of hardened steel, are inserted in the holes formed by this toothing to act as power transmission elements. Covers with their corresponding special seals serve to assure the perfect tightness of the inner zone, preventing the penetration of dust and guaranteeing the continuity of the necessary lubrication.

The most important characteristics and adcantages of barrel roll couplings:

  • for alignment error compensation
  • for ease of assembly
  • especially wear-resistant with high durability
  • minimises effect of alternative bending of the torque on the toothing
  • designed for bearing large radial loads by distributing them over large barrel support surfaces
  • Perfect tightness of the inner zone prevent the penetration of dust

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tonnenkupplung General technical description

Covers with their corresponding special seals serve to assure the perfect tightness of the inner zone, preventing the penetration of dust and guaranteeing the continuity of the necessary lubrication. Two double-lamina elastic rings mounted on the hub, one on each side of the toothing, limit the axial displacement of the barrels.

The convex shape of the barrels and the internal spaces of the toothing allows the oscillation of the hub relative to the sleeve, compensating angular misalignments of ± 1º 30’ and an axial displacement that varies between ± 3 mm and ± 8 mm. Torque is transmitted to the drum’s receiving flange, generally by two diametrically opposed flat driving surfaces, located at the periphery of thecoupling flange, and also by means of a series of bolts which, at the same time, serve as connection with the drum.

Other connection systems, such as adjusted spring pins or similar, can also be used following the adequate preparation of the flanges. The described design is appropriate for bearing large radial loads, as these are distributed over large barrel support surfaces. In the same way, this design also minimises the effect of alternative bending of the torque on the toothing, the latter being robust thanks to its low height and large bottom section. In addition to this, due to the effect of a “crush polishing” of the hardened barrel on the tooth profile, its wear resistance is appreciably improved.

An indicator located on the outer cover, which moves relative to the marks provided on the hub as a function of wear, permits control of internal wear of the toothing without the need to disassemble any part of the coupling. The same indicator also serves to control the axial position of the sleeve relative
to the hub.

Konstruktiver Aufbau

Die wichtigsten Bauteile:

tonnenkupplung aufbau 350
1. Hub 10. Puller holes
2. Casing 11. Wear limit grooves
3. Inner cover 12. Lubrication point
4. Outer cover 13. Grease overflow
5. Barrel rollers 14. Assembly reference mark
6. Allen screw 15. Barrel guide rings
7. Indicator 16. Grower washer
8. Lip seal ring 17. Barrel guide ring
9. Allen screw 18. Locking ring

D2C – Designed to Customer

D2C – Designed to CustomerThe principle of Designed to Customer describes the recipe for success of REICH-KUPPLUNGEN: Utilizing our product knowledge, our customers are supplied with couplings which are developed and tailor-made to their specific requirements. The designs are mainly based on modular components to provide effective and efficient customer solutions. The unique form of close cooperation with our partners includes consultation, design, calculation, manufacture and integration into existing environments. Adapting our manufacturing to customer-specific production and utilizing global logistics concepts provides better after sales service - worldwide. This customer-oriented concept applies to both standard products and production in small batch sizes.

The company policy of REICH-KUPPLUNGEN embraces, first and foremost, principles such as customer satisfaction, flexibility, quality, prompt delivery and adaptability to the requirements of our customers.

REICH-KUPPLUNGEN supplies not only a coupling, but a solution: Designed to Customer.


  • Product category: Torsionally rigid couplings
  • Product type: Torsionally rigid steel barrel coupling
  • Torque range: 1200 Nm - 7 780 000 Nm
  • Temperature range: -20°C - 100°C

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