Hallmark: D2C - Designed to Customer

published on Friday, 21 December 2012. Posted in Press

Hallmark: D2C - Designed to Customer - tailor-made rather than ready-made


Test benches, construction and agricultural machines, turbines, railways, ships and conveying systems have one common denominator. They require couplings which are optimized and adapted to the application and may not be ordered from the catalogue. This is why Reich-Kupplungen relies on D2C: The transmission of power with highly flexible couplings which are developed in cooperation with and for the customer.

Two letters and one digit describe the recipe for success of Dipl.-Ing. Herwarth Reich GmbH in Bochum: D2C stands for "Designed to Customer". "Our customers are not only supplied with catalogue goods but also with couplings which are developed and tailor-made to their specific requirements", elaborates Sales Manager Ulrich Bentele on the D2C concept. "Our unique form of close cooperation extends from consultation, design, manufacture and integration into existing environments through to customer-specific production and logistics concepts." The even more customer-oriented concept applies to both series products and designs in small batch sizes.

A special feature is the broad vertical range of manufacture: Reich-Kupplungen is one of the few coupling manufacturers in the world who, apart from their metal processing operations on electronically controlled machines, also run their own development and production department for rubber and elastomer elements. The Bochum-located company has more than 15 different raw rubber mixtures on hand from which it manufactures moulded and composite parts.

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