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Competence in power transmission engineering since 1946.

Founded by my grandfather in 1946, our family-run company has been continually developing ever since to meet the demands of the market – from a spare parts manufacturer for the mining industry to an internationally renowned specialist in power transmission engineering.

Today, we develop and produce torsionally flexible couplings with a high level of vertical integration under the REICH brand. These products are predominantly used for combustion engines in stationary and mobile applications.

Our highly qualified and reliable employees ensure continual progress. In combination with the latest manufacturing technologies, we produce sophisticated coupling system solutions at our main plant in Bochum. Our own worldwide sales network has been significantly expanded in the recent years and serves as a basis for the global and sustainable success of the REICH brand.

Since I joined the company’s management I have dedicated my efforts to preserving these values and positioning our company for a secure and successful future into the third generation.

Yours, Christian Reich

Christian Reich - Managing Director

REICH: Competence in powertransmission engineering since 1946.

For decades REICH in Bochum has been manufacturing an extensive range of torsionally flexible couplings and power transmission engineering: highly torsionally flexible couplings, torsionally flexible couplings and torsionally rigid couplings.

Always looking ahead

Research and development.

High-tech, know-how, and technical curiosity – this describes the most important features of our research and development (R&D) department. Using the most advanced calculation and simulation software and highly dynamic coupling test benches, we create products which provide our customers with the maximum benefit.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that REICH has decades of experience in the development of rubber components. Rubber is mouldable, protects, dampens, insulates, absorbs, decouples, seals, isolates and is flexible. Its unique properties become particularly apparent when employed in flexible couplings – for example as a transmission element that reliably decouples torsional vibrations and compensates for misalignments.

The optimal, application-tailored rubber compound is selected by our R&D department using their comprehensive expertise and decades of experience with this material. All the rubber qualities used are developed by REICH and are defined by unique formulations.

Thanks to our modular and perfectly coordinated catalogue range, our customers can select the optimum coupling solution for their power transmission task. Comprehensive customer support is the great strength of our employees in Sales, Technology and Service. By working closely with our customers, we can quickly identify which solution best meets their requirements: a coupling in a standard design or a specially tailored solution – also made to order – according to the “Designed to Customer“principle

We demand high standards of our products in terms of quality, safety, and service life and meet them through well-engineered designs and production methods. As a result, REICH rightly enjoys an excellent reputation in particularly demanding areas of application.

Company - Research And Development
Company - Research And Development
Designed to Customer
Company - Manufacturing, Quality, Environment And Safety
Manufacturing, quality, environment and safety

All in Unison.

REICH manufactures, among other things, an extensive range of torsionally flexible couplings. A focus and key quality factor is the in-house development and manufacture of the elastomers deployed, using the most modern production processes.

Our own state of the art test benches and equipment guarantee high-quality and durable products for power transmission components with the REICH brand.

The ISO 9001 certified quality management system has production-related testing systems that guarantee compliance with customer requirements. The associated documentation is prepared in accordance with certified and customer audited systems. We also hold approvals from recognised classification societies for shipbuilding and marine applications.

Quality and environmental protection play a vital role in all areas of the company – from development, purchasing and production processes to logistics. Our ISO 14001 certificate provides evidence that REICH produces in an environmentally sound manner, in compliance with an internationally recognised environmental management system.

Approvals from recognised classification societies:

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