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Torsionally rigid coupling by REICH

Innovation and quality in drive technology.

Discover the robust and precise torsionally rigid couplings from REICH. These clutches are ideal for high-performance test benches and other demanding applications where torsionally rigid and backlash-free power transmission is required.

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Torsionally rigid coupling

Torsionally stiff flange couplings for pump drives, maintenance-free.


FLEXDUR – HighSpeed

Torsionally rigid coupling

Torsionally rigid coupling for test benches, suited for very high speeds.



Torsionally rigid coupling

Torsionally rigid, full-metal coupling for ambient temperatures of up to 250°C.

REICH Torsionally rigid coupling

Future-oriented solutions for a wide range of applications

The torsionally rigid couplings from REICH represent the highest quality in power transmission technology. Specially designed for demanding applications such as high-performance test benches, they are characterized by their torsional rigidity and zero backlash. These couplings guarantee precise torque transmission, making them indispensable for precise industrial processes. Their robust design ensures durability and reliability even under extreme conditions. Thanks to their modular design, REICH’s torsionally rigid couplings offer a high degree of adaptability and are ideal for customer-specific solutions.

The maintenance-free design and high power density make them an economical choice for many industries, from automotive to aerospace. Discover our specialized solutions for various industries here.

In addition to torsionally rigid couplings, REICH also offers a wide range of highly flexible couplings and flexible couplings designed for a wide variety of application requirements. Find out more about our comprehensive product range and find the perfect coupling solution for your project.

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