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Flexible Claw Coupling with and without Taper Bushes.

The flexible MULTI MONT ASTRA coupling (short form: MMA) is a fail-safe claw coupling with flexible element for a torsionally flexible shaft connection.



Compensation of axial, radial and angular displacements
Shock and vibration damping
Fail safe and withstand high overloads
Ease of assembly and alignment

Standard types

Designed to Customer

  • Couplings individually developed according to customer requirements
  • Effective and efficient customer solutions through largely modular components
  • Close cooperation with our partners: consulting, development, design, manufacturing, integration
  • Customer-specific production and logistics concepts, as well as after-sales service
  • Global availability
  • For standard products as well as for production in small batch sizes.

Type D2C “Your design”


Tailor-made couplings

Industry-specific requirements - tailored solutions.
  • REICH-Kupplungen-kompressor Schrauben


-20 °C to 80 °C
10 Nm to 3600 Nm
Flexible claw coupling

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The flexible MULTI MONT ASTRA coupling (short form: MMA) is a fail-safe claw coupling with flexible element for a torsionally flexible shaft connection. The advantage of the comprehensively machined MULTI MONT ASTRA coupling, and of the claw flanks in particular, is the precision of the running characteristic and the extended service life.

MULTI MONT ASTRA couplings are fail-safe up to the breaking torque of the claws and thus ensure maximum operational safety.

The N version of the flexible coupling element is available in a hardness of 92° Shore A (white) and the S version in a hardness of 98° Shore A (red). It is characterised by a resistance to wear and tear and also to oil, ozone and ageing. Shocks, torsional vibrations and noise are efficiently absorbed thanks to the flexibility of the coupling.
The flexible element of the coupling is dimensioned such that radial, axial and angular movements are compensated for between the two coupling halves. The fixed position of the flexible element allows axial deformation so that no detrimental axial loads can act upon the machine bearings even if vibratory torques are encountered. The flexible element of the MULTI MONT ASTRA allows for a continuous load up to 80 °C. Application at low temperatures down to -20 °C permissible.

Minimum outside diameters combined with a maximum bore guarantee both, low weights and low moments of inertia. The flexible MULTI MONT ASTRA coupling is designed for plug-in mounting and for ease of alignment. The balancing quality complies with the DIN ISO 21940 quality range G16.

The MULTI MONT ASTRA coupling type MMA-T combines the advantages of the flexible coupling with the advantages of a taper bush system: quick and easy assembly for torsionally flexible connection of shafts and compensation of shaft misalignments. The MMA -T type with taper bushes offers the distinct advantage that even in the event of major shaft tolerances, backlash-free and axial fixing on the shaft is ensured. In addition, the slide fit facilitates axial alignment of the coupling. The flexible element can be easily changed by axial movement of the coupling halves with no need for removing connected machinery MULTI MONT ASTRA coupling finds its applications in general engineering in all places where a reliable shaft connection is required between the motor and the driven machine.

The technical data applies only to the complete coupling or the corresponding coupling elements. It is the customer’s/user’s responsibility to ensure there are no inadmissible loads acting on any of the components. In particular, existing connections, e.g. bolted connections, must be checked with regard to the torques to be transmitted. If necessary, further measures, such as additional reinforcement with pins, may be necessary It is the customer’s/ user’s responsibility to make sure the dimensioning of the shaft and keyed or other connection, e.g. shrinking or clamping connection, is correct. All components that can rust are protected against corrosion as standard.

REICH have an extensive range of couplings and coupling systems to cover nearly every drive configuration. Customized solutions can be developed and manufactured even in small batches or as prototypes. In addition calculation programs are available for all necessary dimensioning.


Further information

Do you require further product information, operating or assembly instructions, do you have questions for the sales department or would you like general product advice? Contact us directly - the REICH team will be happy to assist you and will be at your disposal for all your requests.

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